An insightful interview with Billy Brown

An insightful interview with Billy Brown

Source: An insightful interview with Billy Brown

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Park and Ride!

Park and Ride!.

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Park and Ride!

Just a quickie here before I post on Talk Talk (and that is a result too, but more later).

Just because one gets parking tickets or Penalty Notices (whatever the Authorities like to call them), doesn’t mean they are right!

Nowadays they are £60 minimum, and I am not willingly going to pay them without a fight. it takes little effort to fill out online to the Authority, and in this case it was Westminster City Council. I appealed to WCC, then it was transferred to the Parking and Traffic Appeals for a hearing which was yesterday, and without going and having provided my evidence by post, I won! Three more to appeal, and I expect to win them all. At the end of the day, the Authorities have to decide if it’s worth them going to a hearing which is time and money….in most cases they won’t and it gets thrown out!

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Fowl Play – Nandos, or Nandon’ts?

This blog refers to Nandos…the chicken supremos – or not?

In esscence, this really refers to very poor customer service and very small mindedness!

Here goes. I have been a pretty regular customer of Nandos for a couple of years. It’s not exactly Mcdonalds in terms of pricing, as it’s not cheap…but equally it’s by no means expensive, and it is what it is and I expect no more from it. The food is good and invariably the service is good too.

If you are a resonable regular there, then you will be aware of their Loyalty Card scheme…..whereupon when you eat in there or take away, your card gets stamped and you build up to a free 1/4, a half or even a full chicken. Great as far as I am concerned, as I go there with my kids and sometimes get take away for myself. I had managed to build up one card which had a free 1/4 and a free 1/2, and another full card, entitling me to a free 1/4, and a free 1/2 and a full chicken. So I said to the kids, let’s go to Nandos and get thre free chicken and we’ll come back, put some chips and some vegetables on, and we’ll have a nice roast meal so to speak. Off we went to Nandos (2 miles down the road) and went in and ordered and when I gave my card in, I was told that they don’t accept this card anymore…they have a new one! Well this pissed me off no end! Firstly, there is nothing on the card to suggest it had a time limit on it, nor had I brought anything else with me, as I was only out to get the Nandos, so that was my only form of payment…..OK I thought, I’m not happy about this, but my kids are with me, so we went back home and I sorted something else out for dinner.

I took it upon myself, to go to the Nandos website and email them and tell them how unhappy I was as well as being embarassed in the Restaurant, wasted fule and my time…as it was! They wrote back to extend their apologies and said if I send the ones I have, they will replace them…..problem solved…or so I thought! I sent them off as they suggested, a week later I had not heard so I wrote again and they said they had been sent, and I replied I had not received them. So, they sent some more…they arrived. I would hasten to add here, that they gave me like for like (or that’s what I thought I had…more a bit later on that) Personally, I would have given the customer 2 completed cards for the aggravation and embarassment I endured, but not like for like.

That weekend, I was on my own, so I though I’ll go to Nandos and get a half chicken for me….off I went, parked, went in and ordered gave them my card, and what I hadn’t noticed was that Nandos Customer Service team had also dated the part where the retailer would date when you get your free chicken portion, so as to show it’s been redeemed. To say I was not happy is an understatement! With the 2 cards that I had, you are talking £46 in total of free chicken, which shows 1) I have been a good customer, 2) this is a fair amount of food which essentially is paid for, and in this current economic climate, is a reasonable sum of money not to chuck away.

I of course wrote back to Nandos to express my utter horror and further embaressment…yes they responded, and yes they sent out 2 more cards, and low and behold they had crossed off the wrong parts, and yes I am now 1 & 1/4 chickens better off in terms of the cards, but had they dealt with this in the proper manner in the first place, and just given me 2 completed cards instead of  1 & 2/3, and checked what they sent to me in the first place, they would have saved money in terms of time, postage and now I am 1 & 1/4 chickens better off because I could be bothered, and that amounts to £16 worth of vouchers, but also they have left a “fowl” taste in my mouth, as I don’t really want to go back there again and give them my hard earned money once I have used up the vouchers/cards.

For me, the lesson here is look after your customers, because a restaurant without them is just a warehouse full of rotting food! All they had to do was weigh up the situation, say sorry, give the customer a little bit more than he had, and that was down to their neglegence for not informing customers that they had changed the cards ( they admitted this in the email back), and for my aggravation and wasted petrol and time. Here they would have had a very happy customer who wouldn’t be thinking twice about going back, and if you will excuse the bird pun again…I would have been “Crowing” about how great Nandos were!

I’m not suggesting to any of you that you don’t go to Nandos, but for me I will think twice before I set foot in there again as a paying customer!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and welcome any views or thoughts you may have – positive or negative!

Next blog is Talk Talk…they need to Listen Listen!

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A new blog to teach people how not to get ripped off and how to vent your anger at the big companies who get away with far too much!

Hello everyone!

My name is Billy Brown, and I’ll tell you a little about myself here and the reason behind this blog.

Firstly, I am a former Singer/Musician ( quite a few years back…time flies!) who was in a band with 4 mates touring all over the UK, Holland and France, supporting bands like REM, Boomtown Rats, Ian Dury, Bo Diddly amongst quite a few others. I got married, got a job, got divorced, had fun, got remarried, had fun, had 2 amazing kids, got divorced – again! I now am single (OK girls get in the queue and no fighting please), my kids stay with me every week who I love and adore, I have a cat Marsha, and keep fish and shrimp. I cook proper food, I clean everything I started writing and performing again  (you can also find me on youtube, but the link is on the facebook page), although only performed a few times in the last 6 months, I do have plans to perform more, time permitting.

I’ve had to learn the hard way over recent months about money (something I should have done long ago…but it’s never too late to learn!). How one can shop a lot cheaper without having to sacrifice quality, how if one changes the way they drive, can save a huge amount on petrol….and – not to accept bills in the house etc  just because they say that’s how much it is, and how to get compensation from companies like T mobile, EON et al,  because in reality, one is not really getting what one is paying for…and so on and so forth.

You don’t have to accept things, and if you tackle it in the right way, you’ll be surprised at the results and wonder why you never bothered to do it before! I know sometimes, we say to ourselves, it’s only £20 and I can’t be arsed…well do be arsed, because all those 20 quids add up over the years, and the £’00’s you are over paying etc, and it the current economic climate, which doesn’t look like it’s going to ease off in the near future….and they/that could be the difference to a holiday, a car, going somewhere you couldn’t afford, buying something for your kids, a loved one, a family member or a friend.

Watch this space please!

To start off I will be doing a weekly rant on what’s pissed me off this or that particular week. Feel free to email me or comment, and if you want my advice on how to tackle something. I don’t know everything by a long mile, but I do know how to complain effectively most of the time.

See you soon, and I hope you enjoy my page!


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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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